Exploring the Cats of the Rich and Famous: 20 Famous Cats!

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For cat owners, babies of cat fur mean the world. Cat owners love snuggling with their cats and letting go of their voices or even playing games with them – the rich and famous are no different. The rich and famous love posting their lovable felines on social media, and some cats even benefit from the exposure.

In this article we will explore the cats of the rich and famous. Some of the rich and famous on the list might surprise you. Without further ado, let’s find out which celebrities have cats.

Top 20 Celebrities With Cats:

1. Taylor Swift

Without a doubt, one of the most popular names among the rich and famous, Taylor Swift loves her three cats. Tay Tay, as fans call her, has a Scottish Fold named Meredith Gray (from the hit show instinctive anatomy) and Olivia Benson (from the hit show Law and order). She also has a Ragdoll by the name of Benjamin Button. Tai Tai takes her cats everywhere she goes. Oh, and FYI, Olivia is worth 97 million for her business.

Cat orange and white Scottish fold

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears has a cat named Wendy that looks like a leopard. Britney posted a photo of Wendy, who cuddled up in a wedding veil, at Instagram. I think we now know that she has a new cat and is going to get married at some point.

3. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been called the “Crazy Cat Lady” because of her love of cats. In 2018, I rescued and adopted three cats; Two were for her young daughters, and one for Drew herself. The cats’ names are Lucky, Peach, and Fern. Drew is a huge advocate for homeless animals, which makes her okay in our book.

4. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz She loves her dogs and her cat. Her cat’s name is Little Guy, and he’s cute. The little guy is dark white and loves to wear trendy clothes. He even joined Cameron on shopping trips while dressing up in fancy clothes.

Fluffy white cat lying on the wooden floor

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry owned a cat named Katy Perry. How cute is that? Sadly, Katy Perry passed away in 2020, leaving Katy Perry devastated. Katie has owned Kitty for 15 years, and the cat even appeared in her video for the hit song “I Kissed A Girl.” Katy Perry has also been in many photos with fans and her human mother, Katy. Perry also used a large inflatable head of Katy Perry on stage as a decoration.

6. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has two cats: Clive and Willow, which she displays often on social media. Clive is a 12-year-old Persian who doesn’t seem to mind his mother’s pranks when it comes to posting pictures of him in a costume. His face looks angry, but we know he secretly loves the attention his famous mom gives him. Willow is a small handful, but Kate loves it just as much.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover and owns so many pets, that it’s hard to keep up. At one point, it was believed that Miley and her ex, Liam Helmsworth, had their own zoo. As far as we can tell, Miley has three cats: Kiki, Lilo, and Shanti, who are all rescuers. She also has several dogs, two horses, and even a pig.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez adopted a kitten in 2021, named Hendrix. Her fans think Hendrix could be a Devon Rex, an expensive cat to buy from a breeder. Apparently her fans lashed out at her regarding getting the cat because they thought she should be rescuing instead of buying from a breeder; It is not known if Hendrix was saved, but he sure is cute and cuddly.

Devon Rex kittens with beautiful eyes resting on a cat tree
Image credit: Veera, Shutterstock

9. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s cat, Princess Peony, He died tragically After her four dogs attacked her. Apparently, the cat got locked outside by mistake, and her dogs mistook the cat for a squirrel. She took to social media after the incident because she felt that what happened was a “fact of life”. Martha is no stranger to owning cats; She has over 20 cats living on her property for the past 40 years.

10. Nicole Kidman

It’s no secret that Nicole Kidman is a cat. She recently saved A black and white cat named Louis. Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban, have a home full of animals, including two other cats named Ginger and Snow, and a dog named Jules. She also has farm animals at her homes in Nashville and Australia.

11. Khloe Kardashian

keeping up with the Kardashians… cat … well, Chloe anyway. Chloe’s 4-year-old daughter has an adorable gray cat named Gray Kitty. You can see pictures of the two on social media, and it’s clear that her daughter loves Gray Kitty. Chloe also loves the cat; She posts pictures on social media of Gray Kitty lounging while she’s working or lying in bed.

Gray and white cat lying in bed

12. Kat Dennings

The two broke girls The star has always been a cat lover and has owned three in her 35 years. Her first cat, Daisy, appeared on her forehead as a stray when she was a baby. Pumpkin, another stray, appeared when Kat was a teenager but unfortunately passed away some time ago. Heartbroken, Kat didn’t think she could have another cat, but when her current cat, Millie, made his way into her life, that was all she wrote. Millie, who is believed to be a Norwegian cat mix, is the love of her life.

13. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has a cat named Pickles, which he nurtured During the COVID lockdown, but there was no way Pickle wouldn’t be kept. British actor and comedian has fostered Bickle 7 months after the death of his beloved cat, Ollie, at the age of 16. You can see goofy and fun pictures of Rickey and Pickle on Instagram. Pickle loves to stand up, which is absolutely adorable.

Tabby cat with golden eyes and a red collar

14. Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is a huge fan of cats and has five cats, especially since he became a celebrity. The cats’ names are Biscotti, Inky, Felix, Magnus, and Hansel. His daughter frequently takes pictures of Mark and his cats and posts them on Instagram. You can tell in the pictures that Mark is fond of his kitten.

15. Russell Brand

Russell Brand loves his cats. You can even say it is obsessed with his feline friends. He had two cats: Morrissey and Jericho. Morrissey sadly passed away in 2020, leaving Russell devastated. The death affected him greatly, as any cat owner who has lost a cat knows that sense of hopelessness. Russell Morrissey had it for 16 years. As far as we know, his cat, Jericho, is still very much alive.

16. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. loves his two cats: Montgomery and d’Artagnan. He regularly posts videos and photos of his feline companions, and has stated that he can’t imagine his life without them. If you’d like to see his cats, follow him on his multiple social media platforms.

17. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has a cat named Moose. She even posted an adorable photo on Instagram of Moose in a cute hat International Cat Day. Moose is a Himalayan mix who loves to ride around in a stroller with his famous mom, and he’s too cute for words.

Himalayan cat lying on the grass

18. Mayim Bialik

The Big Bang Theory And the blossom star has Three cats At home and has always been a cat lover. Mayim loves raising her sons with their three rescued kittens, Addy, Frances and Nirmal. She feels cats can teach boundaries, something she wants her sons to learn in life. She has stated that her cats bring comfort when she is sad and have been with her through stressful times, such as divorce and the loss of her father.

19. James Franco

Some people were raised as dogs, but like many of us, James Franco He was raised as a cat person. He’s even been known to arrive at black-tie events with cat hair covering his clothes and shoes. He has two cats: Zelda and Sammy. His brother, Dave Franco, also shares a love for cats alongside his brother.

20. Jesse Eisenberg

We have to applaud Jesse because he takes care of abandoned and homeless cats. While in China in 2018, he found three abandoned kittens in a box on the street and found them all homes. He took to Chinese social media about abandoned cats, which went viral. We salute you, Mr. Eisenberg. Regarding his cats, well, his cats aren’t cuddly, but he does have them.


The rich and famous love their cats as much as ordinary people. A few of them are even obsessed with their cats and love to brag about them on social media. It’s common to find pictures of A-list celebrities loving cat fur babies, who could boost their careers simply because they are cat lovers. Some celebrities’ cats are even famous in their own right.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the cats of the rich and famous. Next time you see a celebrity from our list, we hope they make you smile as you think of their adorable cats and how much they love them.

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