Cats who stand like humans are always there for each other during their journey to a happy ending

Two cats stand like humans and always have each other through their journey to a very happy ending.

otter and rabbit;BabyKittenRescue

Caroline Grace, Founder Rescue baby kittenabout two orphaned kittens who are found outside.

Their mother never came back for them. When my finder collected them, I noticed that both kittens had limb deformities. They were in a difficult condition and suffered from a range of health problems.

Caroline took them in without hesitation and began giving them supportive care and meals around the clock.

Snuggly own catsThey are found abroad as orphansBabyKittenRescue

With painstaking efforts and lots of TLC, the kittens were on the mend. In just a few days, the white and orange cat, Bunny, has kicked her illness to the curb and regained her voracious appetite.

No more pesky fleas, runny noses, and upset stomachs as the two scramble again like warriors.

Sweet kittens snuggleBunny was born without her front legs and the otters had several congenital anomaliesBabyKittenRescue

Bunny was born missing both her front limbs, but as she worked on building up her strength, she figured out how to stand up and jump on her hind legs.

Her brother Otter (an orange tabby) had several congenital conditions: hydrocephalus (fluid buildup in the head) and encephalocele, where part of the brain protrudes through the skull.

Special needs cats, tunnel cats playingThey didn’t let anything hold them backBabyKittenRescue

The otter’s condition is extremely rare, and he’ll need protection for his brain. When he was old enough, he would need surgery to patch the hole in his skull.

A kind person offered to make a suitable helmet, and it worked like a charm on the pretty boy.

Best friends for special needs catsBabyKittenRescue

The otter also has deformities of his limbs, but he feels no pain and doesn’t let anything hold him back. He is infatuated with his sister and wraps his body around her to sleep.

Once they graduated into a spacious kindergarten, their playful and boisterous side was immediately revealed. “They were discovering toys, and they were using the litter box,” Caroline said.

Sweet special catsOtters wore a specially made helmet to protect their brainsBabyKittenRescue

“The bunny started to stand on her hind legs. She was getting stronger and more stable.”

One day, she single-handedly pulled off an impressive feat by pushing through one of the nursery boards with only two hind feet and a ton of force.

2 legged kittenBunny can walk on her hind legs like a proBabyKittenRescue

With a special care routine, therapy, and a safe, cushioned environment, Otter takes amazing steps every day. Remarkably, he recovered from hydrocephalus.

“He’s more brave about trying new things, whereas Bunny usually watches him first, then tries it. If he’s nervous (like riding in a car), the bunny will calm him down by staying relaxed and snuggling.”

Cats' best friendsThey are completely inseparableBabyKittenRescue

“It became clear that they were related and needed to stay together.”

Otter has grown into a beautiful kitten and was ready for the cutting edge surgery at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital, where they will repair the hole in his skull. The operation went smoothly without any complications.

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Over the next few weeks, Otter continued to recover alongside his best friend, Bunny, who encouraged him and kept him company. “He truly is a little boy prodigy and I am in awe of his strength, resilience and tenderness.”

Now, Otter no longer wears his helmet because he has a “titanium skull”.

Watch the cat windowOtter has made a remarkable rebound and is now helmet-freeBabyKittenRescue

“These kids never cease to amaze me. The way they have adapted to their disabilities with such ease and joy is truly inspiring to watch.”

After a long journey filled with challenges and triumphs, Bunny and Otter are set to begin the next chapter in life – their loving forever home.

Happy two-legged catBunny has blossomed into a happy and lovable machineBabyKittenRescue

They’ll have a great home with Megan who outdoes them. When she had a meet-and-greet with the cats for the first time, they connected right away and knew it was meant to be.

“I had complete chills at that first meeting,” said Caroline.

Cats watch birdsThey love to watch Bird TV together by the windowBabyKittenRescue

“Rabbit and Otter have captured hearts all over the world and show that animals with special needs can live full, happy lives. They are, and continue to be, an inspiration.”

Inquisitive pigeon catsThey are curious and love to do everything togetherBabyKittenRescue

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