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Best Friday the 13th Full Moon Lesson from a Cat by Lily and Merlin

Cats never stop teaching us lessons Even years after their death.

I woke up this morning without realizing that it was May 13th or Friday 13 But fully aware of the full moon. It was thick and warm in summer. It’s time to open all the windows and get rid of the cobwebs of energy. The trees lifted their leaves all week at warp speed and got drunk by their sweet scents.

You know how parents accidentally call one child another child’s name? All week I’ve been calling Odin, More Moore, or Merlin. It can happen when a dead cat tries to communicate but I didn’t think about it. With so much horrific news around the world, I tried not to fall into a black hole.

The full moon felt like making a reel on Instagram and looked at a new tarot deck the publicist had sent me months ago. Maybe a quick video open it? I was walking through the Outsider Art Tarot deck daily but something stopped me. It was no ordinary procrastination. Time was not just time.

I opened the box and my phone camera and a few minutes later, bum, I landed on Instagram.

very easy. I finally understood my hesitation. The Art Brut style artwork reminded me of the great horrific artist Basquiat in the 80’s. He died of a drug overdose at a very young age, and while he was successful, his success waned after his death. His paintings exceed 40 million. During Basquiat’s most prolific period in New York, another artist worked in a similar style. I ended up marrying this guy and on my honeymoon I became fascinated by the raw, uneducated art of the mentally ill you’ve seen in Art Brut Museum in Switzerland.

Memories buried deep can be broken and resurfaced. In this case, years after the divorce. All thanks to this tarot deck.

There are many forms of grief, and the Japanese have a collection of poems describing the nuances of grief. Setsunai Captures my mood. It is a deep pain of sad and bitter grief.

At this point, I’m thinking about cats and the impending lunar eclipse and creating a reel with me and No No. She has a new favorite place under the lilac trees blooming in the sky. see in Cat Wisdom 101 on Instagram

I felt transparent but something was still bothering me in the back of my mind. A submerged beach ball wanted to appear. When I get a feeling like this, I sit with the feeling until it expands. I’m not a fan of Facebook but have moved on to watch Memories, and lo and behold, the big aha. How could I have missed!? Facebook memory of 5 years, a year after his death.

This was the first time I didn’t feel my heart cramp in pain. I remember that picture but six years later, I don’t remember him now. His life has grown beyond the confines of a deadly spiral into something softer and yet extremely loving if not more.

Intuition works perfectly when we stop and listen. It can happen in a flash or not. Don’t just stop but wait patiently. I haven’t been very impatient this week but Merlin hasn’t given up. It made me remember and I got to work. Stubborn was his middle name.

old age quote

So we are here 6 years until the day he died. It was a beautiful sunny day and as warm as today. Different cats have died in all four seasons, and if I had to pick one, it would be May, my favorite month of the year. Merlin loved it, too. Like me, he hated the cold and spent his happiest days relaxing in the fresh air on sun decks, balconies, and gardens all his long life.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his old friend Domino. They were the odd couple after all: a Siamese stock hero savage who had lived outdoors on the balcony for seven years. Their friendship evolved from their outdoor acquaintance to indoor snuggled companions until Merlin’s death. we celebrate Domino’s birthday In May and this year. He was very attached to my husband and not surprisingly, recently he appeared in dreams and visits.

I wasn’t going to blog this week but Merlin had other plans of mine.

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It still amazes me how easy he made my sad journey. I always thought that there would be nothing sadder than losing a soulmate. Of course there were tears and anguish but it was clean. By that I mean getting rid of unresolved feelings. Any sense of guilt or remorse soon subsided into a deep understanding of the nature of death. Nothing ever dies, it just changes shape.

This message has made it reassuring and less painful for other losses since then. Merlin has visited me in many forms, from birds to other cats, and from dreams to clouds that move in the wind. He taught me how much we relate to each other, and not only him but all of my cats and my human family members have been through.

Everyone is still here. We are the ones who forget or can’t let go of wanting what it was like. It always hurts to resist change but we always have a choice. Some will make wise choices this weekend and some will not.

Each moon is a full moon cycle. Think of it as an opportunity to get a clean sweep that moves us through the process of death and rebirth. This month is a rare super blood moon and a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Yes, it is intense plus Mercury is in retrograde but it will be easier to bring about a change of healing if you make a conscious decision to let go. Let go of expectations, judgment, and everything and anything that does not support your well-being.

Merlin’s energy is powerful and surrounds me with his usual senseless wisdom. He persuaded me outside as I wrote this breath of fresh, fresh air, my bare feet basking in a mossy rug. Mmm, thank you, stubborn boy!

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I remember his beaming face turned toward the sun with a true zen peace. If I feel rushed this weekend, I will follow his lead and break up, and I will stop dealing with anything or anyone adding fuel to the fire.

Allow Merlin to gently purr in your ear with his superior Siamese voice. He was saying… Relax.. Your problems are temporary… They are all temporary. There are a lot of cats that hack you now. I love you…..

It sounds like a plan. If you have a better one, please leave your comment or suggestion. We are all ears all the time.

I’ll leave you with other nuggets of wisdom from Merlin. Like all truth, it resonates equally between the past and the present.

much love,
Lily and Merlin

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